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Letter from the Publisher and the Editor

We all have beliefs and opinions on how the world works. Some of these beliefs are carefully thought out; others may be adopted casually. Unfortunately, when it comes to serious medical topics, misinformed beliefs can be dangerous – to ourselves and those around us.

It is easy to have a dangerous belief because the science for many of these topics, such as COVID-19, is constantly shifting. So, unless you are going to dedicate a lot of time and an open mind to keeping up with the current evidence, your beliefs may end up putting those you love at risk, or even causing them harm.

That is why TEDMED has launched Plain Talk Reports – a place where anyone can see how many commonly-held beliefs on serious medical topics are not supported by the latest scientific evidence.

Plain Talk Reports will one day be home to a wide range of serious medical topics. But we are launching with COVID-19, both because of the speed at which the research moves, but also because dangerous beliefs about it can have an outsized impact on all our communities.

We hope you enjoy reviewing our Reports on COVID, and will share them with anyone you think will find them valuable.

Ed Kelley, PhD
Founding Editor-in-Chief


Jay Walker
Publisher; TEDMED Curator

Who We Are

Plain Talk Reports is researched and written by a dedicated and passionate team. Our writing and editorial team include both seasoned science and technology writers, as well as medical and global health professionals.

We are published by TEDMED, a 501(c)(3) Public Charity that focuses on the intersection of health and medicine.

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We’d like to thank our partners whose insight and support makes this publication possible.
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June 16 2022
Announcing Plain Talk Reports

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